Our idea is to offer you a trip, a unique holiday experience in which to discover small coastal paradises or visit inland beauty spots.

Anna is equipped with all the comforts, and care and attention to detail are our priorities – nothing is left to chance.

We will try to satisfy your every request to make your holiday exclusive, characterized by elegance, luxury and unmistakable style.

Our boat guarantees the greatest comfort, speed and safety.


Our goal is to give you a sustainable holiday experience, friendly for nature and the environment.

Our commitment to sustainability translates into the exclusive use of organic products, from the personal care and hygiene products we use – bathing foam, shampoo and soaps – to the gastronomic ones.

The attention for the latter is mainly focused on cooking with 100% local products and savouring the traditional products of the area and its organic gastronomic excellences.

We offer our guests the opportunity to buy freshly caught fish directly from local fishermen.